July 16, 2020

Objects- examples from the book

Here are some samples from the book... you will notice I have significantly reworked them compared to  earlier experiments in prior posts
I modified the torch light by adding some frosted drafting film to diffuse the light and taped it on to some pvc tube to 'focus' the light to limit light spread... a rather crude system but one that enabled much more control over the lighting process

Many of the images in the book still used the more direct (non diffused) light source however as it was a good method to intensify textural elements

Typical exposures were f16 or f22 @ 100 ISO and 'painting' with the torches for around 15 to 20 seconds

The LED torch gave a cool blue light while the older incandescent torch provided the warm light
Significant post processing in both Lightroom and Photoshop was required

Here is a pic of the modified torches I used... crude but effective
Using this method made me realise the value of older style incandescent torches and only last year I threw some out thinking I would never need them especially considering their relative inefficiency compared to modern LED versions and non availability of replacement globes, etc... bummer
The only other choice would be to use coloured gels to modify colour temperature...

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