May 22, 2009

Brickendon Farm (Longford, Tasmania)

Brickendon is one of Tasmania's oldest working farms.


Brickendon Farm (Longford, Tasmania)

Bruny Island (Tasmania trip)

These images were taken on a terrific boat trip out from Bruny Island (great boats and entertaining crew) that toured around the south island and out into the southern ocean looking for whales and dolphins (unfortunately none on the day we travelled)... managed to observe sea eagles, seals and albino rock wallabies on the steep slopes of the island.

May 21, 2009

Lake Leake (Tasmania)

The rather bleak and depressing landscape of Lake Leake... probably considered a fisherman's paradise by some, but to my eyes, yet another example of severe lack of water and the effects of climate change... the water level is obviously vastly below the norm...

Freycinet rocks (Freycinet National Park / Tasmania)

Freycinet rocks ...(Freycinet National Park / Tasmania)

Freycinet Panorama

Honeymoon Bay at Freycinet Peninsula in the late afternoon sunlight... always a stunning experience... totally quiet and peaceful.