June 29, 2008

NGV print

I currently have an image of mine at the NGV (Ian Potter Gallery at Federation Square) as part of the Hugh Williamson's Legacy (Preserving the Past, Enriching the Future: Hugh Williamson's Legacy) . The exhibition centers around artists who have made images relating to Melbourne and It will move to the Ballarat Fine Art Gallery in mid December.
This image was part of the 'In Industrial Light' series that I commenced in the early 1990's and was taken at the old pumping station at Williamstown (the site that now is the Science Museum). Also in the exhibition was work by Les Walkling, Bea Maddock and John Cattapan amongst other artists.

June 27, 2008

Castlemaine Gardens

This amazing old tree is at the Castlemaine Gardens... everything was looking a little desperate in this continuing drought, but still hanging on.

New Terrain Exhibition

I recently took part in an exhibition called New Terrain, which finished in June, so this entry is a little late, I know, but this exhibition was curated by Geoff Tolchard (who also curated the Whiteout exhibition) and co- curated by Dr. Colleen Morris. It included 24 artists from the NMIT Visual Arts Department and was held in Ararat. You might notice that my images have both been displayed horizontally (the grid of the Roadkill cans was meant to be a vertical image)... completely my fault as I didn't include any 'how to hang' instruction when I sent the image to Ararat. Let that be a lesson to anyone out there exhibiting work. However, that aside it was a terrific show that highlighted various art practices involving photo media, painting and small scale sculpture reinvigorating the idea of sustainability through diverse responses. NMIT has links with Ararat via it's campus there (offering Winemaking, Viticulture,Herb Production and Farm Chemical use) so the collaboration between Ararat Regional gallery and NMIT was most welcome..

Castlemaine railyard

Amazing what you can find in an old railyard... see below for suitable comments and musings.

Castlemaine railyard

This series of abstract images were recorded in a short time during a brief excursion into the old rail yards... getting access to similar places in the city is now almost impossible due to increasing paranoia and security fears (public liability and 'terrorism' fears) all of which means it is getting harder for me to make the images I have always wanted to.

June 26, 2008

A trip to Castlemaine

Finally got round to processing some images made in an old railway yard in Castlemaine. You have to cross the main rail line to get in to the yard, so watch out for the very fast train service from Melbourne... sometimes you're so busy checking out the possibilities, it's too easy to forget to look! !

A visit to Southbank

A quick trio to the city, a coffee and a few pics...


A little collection of some recent numbers ... interesting ones pop up from time to time.
The number '48' came about because I started painting the house recently and having removed the house numbers prior to painting this lovely image formed in dust remained. I sent it to Danielle Neville (a graphic designer and son of a close friend I work with)... check out his blog... he has an amazing eye and passion for fonts and type forms ... brilliant blog!
The '8' and '9' came from the old Rope Factory site in Coburg (before it got turned into apartments, of course, like the fate of every interesting building in the current economic climate... read madness) )