July 18, 2008

Weekend amongst the vines

Some pics from a pleasant weekend away in the country amongst the vines at Red Hill...

July 02, 2008

Ash Wednesday fires

While I was framing up some photos, I came across these images I took following the horrendous fires that swept through the Mogg's Creek area in 1983 and decided it was time to revisit these images. Hard to believe it's 25 years ago.
The Ash Wednesday fires caused phenomenal damage and loss of life right across Victoria. Every summer brings back memories of this time. They were taken on the weekend following the fires where my parents in law lost everything.

Old Church

In a fit of 'what to do today because it's so wet and cold outside', I decided to put up some new prints around the house and reframe some older ones. Amongst the work was this image I made way back in 1991 taken in the old burnt out church in Powlett St., East Melbourne. If you go past there now it has been turned into units (of course). Although heavily damaged and without a roof, it was quite an amazing place to photograph. I used a very old Voigtlander camera (from the 1920's I assume) that uses medium format film... note the very strange film rebate edges complete with 'hairy bits'...

July 01, 2008

Dumper bin

This dumper bin was in the front yard of a new house being built... nice bit of industrial 'scratch and damage' ...