March 10, 2008

Black and White Landscapes #3

Two more landscapes from 1985 (also made on a large format, 4" x 5' camera using Pyro based film developer). These have been printed as darkroom (silver gelatin) prints and in various digital versions (Lambda prints from a commercial Lab and as pigment ink jet prints on archival papers).

Black and White landscapes #2

More Black and White landscapes from the same period (1985)

March 04, 2008

House Fire (2005)

Discussions with a friend tonight reminded me of some images he made of a house fire in our neighbourhood. I had also visited the site and made some images (this was way back in 2005)... I am finally getting some time to edit them and put them up for viewing...

March 03, 2008


I have been 'collecting' images of the skies over Melbourne for some time. Always very interesting but I've never really worked out what to do with them. The grid is at least a beginning.

March 01, 2008

Garden Pics (From late 2007)

These pictures were taken in a brief burst of cool, wet weather in early summer (December) 2007, a welcome relief during such a prolonged drought in Melbourne and the acceptance of climate change as a reality. It has been good to finally get time to work on the files. The images were taken on a Nikon D70 + a Nikon f2.8 105 mm. macro lens.