February 29, 2008

Roadkill Series

These are more images from the Roadkill series... larger buckets and canisters that have been in my collection for a long time. To make these, I used my Nikon D70 digital camera with either a 105 mm. macro lens or an old (manual) 55 mm. Nikkor macro lens.

Roadkill #3

More images from the roadkill Series (Conversations)
I call these conversations because by showing both sides of these objects they appear to be engaged in some sort of surreal 'dialogue'.
I have made prints of this series in large (20" x 32" and 32" x 40") Lambda versions and as inkjet prints on archival rag papers (Hahnemuhle Photo rag and Epson Archival matte), using an Epson SP 2100 printer that uses pigment inks.

February 22, 2008

Roadkill #2

This image is another version of the Roadkill series, but this time showing both sides of the objects.

They are somewhat surreal things and often appear to be 'having a conversation' with each other... the negative space between them adds an interesting counterpoint in terms of the composition.
There are more under development..
Because the objects are larger than the small cans, I used a Nikon D70 with an old (but still very good) manual Nikkor 55 mm. Macro lens. I am currently exhibiting this image (and the one below) in a staff show at NMIT (A-Space gallery) where I work.

Roadkill #1

This series called Roadkill is based on a collection of squashed cans found on the roadside and on railway tracks. I've been collecting them for around twenty years and these ones in the images are the old style tin cans that get really rusty (quite different from the current aluminium cans).
Rather than using a camera on a copy stand I used my Epson V700 scanner as the 'camera'.
I have made final prints in 20" x 32" Lambda versions and as inkjet prints on archival rag papers (Hahnemuhle Photo Rag and Epson Archival Matte papers) on an Epson SP2100 printer.
I am currently exhibiting this image in a staff show at NMIT's A-Space Gallery, where I work.