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Colour abstract photos made over a 20 year period are the basis for this book.

Digital scanning and processing has brought new life into boxes of slides stored away for decades.

Darkroom Discards

These digitally scanned images were made by the chance interaction of chemicals, water, air, time and light. Discarded test prints recovered from darkroom rubbish bins reveal the beauty of chance in analogue photography's photo-chemical processes


This book is called 'Objects' and to some extent it is an addendum to my last book 'Archive', but this time it is a colour production

In most cases the objects were too large to scan (scanning of items was the method used in making the images for the 'Archive' book), so I used long exposures at night and 'painting with light' techniques to make the images ... 

The Archive Project

This book is an archive of curiosities, a metaphor for the endless cycle of creation, transformation, scarification, entropy and decay.
It is based on my (somewhat obsessive) collection of detritus, rusted metal, squashed cans, weathered bones, found objects, skeletal remains, rocks, plants and general ephemera I have accumulated over the past decades. Some items are survivors of the inferno of bushfires

Central Australia Trip

A seven day holiday to Central Australia, visiting Alice Springs and Uluru

Greg Wayn - Photographs

A book of Black and White Photography made to celebrate the era of film and darkroom photography, in three sections, Industrial, Landscape and Abstract. The images were made using medium and large format cameras over a period of thirty or so years and have formed the basis for a number of personal exhibitions

Amcor Factory Project

A personal photographic exploration of an abandoned factory being demolished to make way for a vast new housing and commercial development in Alphington (Melbourne)

Japan Trip

A three week tour of Japan in pictures, visiting Tokyo, Osaka, Hiroshima and the Art Islands of Teshima and Naoshima ...


This book is a collection of images of clouds taken over a number of years and a celebration of the simple joys of looking skywards ...

Walls of Europe

These images were made during a six week tour of Europe. Travelling with friends meant that a sort of frantic 'shoot and run' technique was the only viable method of making images and to avoid being left behind. These walls are a reminder of our travels, as a sense of place...

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