March 08, 2013

Factory 2 (Photoshop Action)

I was sorting out and deleting unused Photoshop actions and came across this 'Aged Sepia' gem.... thought I would put an example on the blog before I deleted it...

Factory 2

Another multi image 'stitch' of the factory taken underneath the Chandler Highway bridge... this time cropped from the 'freeform' stitch... works better in this instance I think... now working on  getting inside the plant!

March 07, 2013

Old Factory

The local paper factory is now officially closed and in the process of being decommissioned.
I have started working on some images dealing with the outside of the plant and have been experimenting with stitching together multiple images and leaving the forms 'untrimmed' as I rather like the structural elements and shapes... as you can see, the light is rather 'vicious' in high summer and I have had to employ a large array of digital processes to keep the extreme contrast under control... keeps the brain active...