August 12, 2011

Old Theatre Projection Slides

Cleaning out some cupboards recently, I came across some old theatre projection slides I had bought at one of the camera markets many years ago... for those too young to remember, these were hand painted glass slides that were projected before the movie started  to promote various forthcoming movies plus local venues and to 'entertain' those who were foolish enough to turn up early... and I am talking about a long time ago!... the images were usually accompanied by a rather torturously enthisiastic 'voice over' that was supposed to excite you to go forth and spend in the required venue.
Having just scanned them, I think it is time to release them to the blog...

August 10, 2011

Darkroom Reject Constructions

After scanning more of the darkroom rejects as per the last post, I thought I would try using multiple rejects and make them into some 'constructions' ...

Darkroom Rejects

These images are scans of 'darkroom discards', left to interact with all the other discards in the rubbish bin.
They were collected over a period of time, many years ago while teaching darkroom skills to students.
Despite my best efforts as a teacher, there was always someone who would forget to wash discarded test prints before putting them in the rubbish bin, creating a sort of chemical 'soup', where the prints made complex chemical interactions with others, producing complex and remarkable results. Students must have got better as I haven't found any more in the last few years.... the ones I have are certainly a worthy addition to the blog...