March 29, 2015


Part of the problem in dealing photographically with the vast landscape in New Zealand is to decide wether it is best represented by a single image or a panorama... it is a question to which there is no answer.... here are some panoramic versions of the landscape and I wish I had made some more as it is often the only way to get a sense of the scale of the view ...

Near Kinlock, NZ

On the way to Glenorchy, NZ

On the way to Hanmer Springs, NZ

On the way from Hanmer Springs back to Christchurch, NZ


Everywhere you go in New Zealand, there are stunning landscapes and vistas... trying to capture the scale of things is not always easy... while driving you see things that absolutely have to be captured, but as always when driving with limited time available to devote to photography, it is often the case that there is nowhere to pull off the road when the vista is 'just right' other times, when you arrive somewhere, the light is less than ideal but you have to make the best of it... that's travelling! ...the sheer variety of landscape form in short time travel time is quite amazing and here are some results...