Walker Evans (Library of Congress Project)

Following on from the last post about Dorothea Lange and the images made available from the Library of Congress archives, here are a number of images by Walker Evans from the same FSA archive... It is a wonderful resource.
As in the case of Dorothea Lange's work, I tried to make these images sympathetic to the final versions seen in various reproductions by the artist, but also using my photographic skills to maximise the impact of the images while honouring the artist. 
Again, I have cleaned up minor imperfections in the scans, cropped the image slightly and made some tonal and structural changes as any photographer would, but keeping in mind what I observe in a number of book reproductions I have.
I have also tried to replicate the types of darkroom papers and print toner combinations that would have been available to photographers in the 1930's.

Sharecropper's Family, Hale County, Alabama, 1936

Farmer's Kitchen, Hale County, Alabama, 1936

Allie Mae Burroughs, 1936

Garage in Southern City Outskirts, 1936

Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, 1936

Post Office, Sprott, Alabama, 1936

Roadside stand near Birmingham, 1936

Church of the Nazarene,Tennessee, 1936

Cabin, Hale County, Alabama, 1936


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