June 27, 2008

New Terrain Exhibition

I recently took part in an exhibition called New Terrain, which finished in June, so this entry is a little late, I know, but this exhibition was curated by Geoff Tolchard (who also curated the Whiteout exhibition) and co- curated by Dr. Colleen Morris. It included 24 artists from the NMIT Visual Arts Department and was held in Ararat. You might notice that my images have both been displayed horizontally (the grid of the Roadkill cans was meant to be a vertical image)... completely my fault as I didn't include any 'how to hang' instruction when I sent the image to Ararat. Let that be a lesson to anyone out there exhibiting work. However, that aside it was a terrific show that highlighted various art practices involving photo media, painting and small scale sculpture reinvigorating the idea of sustainability through diverse responses. NMIT has links with Ararat via it's campus there (offering Winemaking, Viticulture,Herb Production and Farm Chemical use) so the collaboration between Ararat Regional gallery and NMIT was most welcome..

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