December 26, 2013

Garden 2- Just before Xmas

Following on from the last post, here are some minimal depth of field, square format images of our garden, just before,the weather has been very kind to the garden leading up to Xmas, with a gentle rain period as a bonus ...take it while you can, I guess... there is a sense that the next drought is just around the corner!...

Garden-Just before Xmas

The weather has been very kind to the garden leading up to Xmas and while records show it has been one of the hottest on record, we have been fortunate to have had a relatively mild and damp lead up in Melbourne and for that we are thankful... here are some deliberately soft macro images taken in our garden...


I have been photographing the skies again... an endlessly fascinating subject...this time in the 'round' form I have been playing with recently...
These were made at the end of the day down at the beach a few weekends ago...

This series were made much earlier in the year and have a rather different feel as they were based on blue mid afternoon skies ...the appearance of the moon in two of them was an added bonus ...

October 20, 2013

Compositions 4 (Faces)

These two images based on my collection are titled 'Faces' and I hope the viewer can see the 'Archimboldo' like qualities in these rather playful images... I am still following numerous possibilities in trying to resolve the enigma of how to deal with catalogued collection and this is yet another one ....

Compositions 3 (Roundels)

Continuing with new work based on my collection, here is a group I call 'Roundels' due to the circular motif... the images are still based on the use of scans of the various objects in my collection, digitally blended and making use of the 'floating shadows' of the previous blog entries ...

'The Archaeologist's Dream'

'The Reluctant Quadrant'


'Touch / Feel'

'The Garden of Eden'

Compositions 2 (White Compositions)

I have titled this second series based on my collection as 'White Compositions'... the 'white' referring to the dominance of the background pages ... the titles are still tentative at this stage ...

'The Graphmaster's Challenge'

'The Lost Surveyor'

October 17, 2013

Compositions 1 (Black Compositions)

It has taken a considerable amount of time to proceed from the simple scanning of the book pages  to producing something resembling finished work using various items from my collection of found objects... Deciding how to approach and make work using my collection has been problematic and I have made numerous attempts with varying degrees of success.

I think there are a number of distinct groupings that have begun to appear over the last few weeks and I am going to start with a group I have temporarily titled 'Black Compostions' in reference to the black backgrounds... 
These are digital composites of various scans of backgrounds, objects, combined with the addition of illusory cast shadows designed to introduce a 'trompe l'oeil' aspect to the work ...
The intention of this series to make use of my (previously dormant, but sorted and catalogued) collection of (according to friends) eccentric and eclectic collection of found objects that need to see the light of day in some form or another ...
As an addendum, I have even considered titling some of these images (not something I would normally countenance) ... I hope that the titling might add a little extra to the intended surreal and absurdist qualities I hope the viewer will see in the work ...

'Dreaming of Clouds'

'The Book of Despair'    (The Aftermath of Ash Wednesday)

'The Engineer's Pencil'

'The Reluctant Quadrant'

'A Conversation about Death'

'School Days'

'The Little Tin Box'

'Structural Analysis'

'A Great Degree of Difficulty'

'The Enigma of Time'

'The Lost Surveyor'

September 27, 2013

Old Book Pages (Grid)

Following on from the last post...some of my aged book pages in a grid form... interesting to ponder on the knowledge expressed within ...

September 24, 2013

Old Book Pages

I have been scanning some pages taken out of old books that I have left out to weather... I am hoping to use them as backgrounds for the next round of my 'scanner composition' series, but thought they looked rather handsome 'as they are' and have decided to put them on the blog ...