29 Nov 2012

Old Signage

Here are some of the images ... lack of site access made for some tricky angles...

Old Signage

A brief appearance of some old signs after the demolition of the existing building... The developers are moving fast and I was very lucky to have grabbed these few images (thanks Kari!)... no access to site despite my pleading, so had to employ alternative methods to grab these before they disappear forever... here is a general shot of the site...

23 Oct 2012

Old BP Maps

Couldn't resist scanning these old BP Maps that have been lying around in the shed for decades... the silverfish have been adding there own presence as well as time ...

18 Oct 2012

Break the JPEG Code

Courtesy of Computer Arts this is an interesting experiment that starts with a JPEG file, that has the .jpg extension replaced with a .txt extension ... then with some random cutting and pasting of the visible code, is saved and then the .txt extension replaced with a .jpg extension.
When viewed as an image, it is 'scrambled'.
See the tutorial ... http://www.computerarts.co.uk/tutorials/break-jpeg-code
Here are some early results ...

17 Oct 2012

iPhone pics 2

Some more iPhone pics found buried in its insides... this time processed via various App software... see, I'm learning ...

iPhone Pics 1

I keep forgetting to use the iPhone camera ... I'm terribly old fashioned that way... here are some playtime results buried deep in its little memory... at least I'm trying (or 'trying', depending on your point of view) ...

8 Oct 2012

Old Kitchen Appliance Handbooks

Now for something completely different ... Have just finished scanning some old Sunbeam, Namco and Semak  kitchen appliance booklets... just because they look so nice...

Soldier in the Park

After having photographed the torn posters on the panels surrounding our ANZAC soldier in the park, I thought it only fair to photograph the now shrouded statue  (encased silicone and looking very strange... all for a good purpose however... see post below)