December 07, 2009

Check out my Blurb Books_Walls Of Europe

A new Blurb Book based on photographs of walls taken on a trip to Europe ...

Click here to view the book on the Blurb site ...

November 16, 2009

End of Day

Despite the ominous smoke in the background, it was only a routine burn-off, and still a beautiful day at the beach in the setting sunlight...

Day at the beach

November 03, 2009

Walls of Europe Cover

The Aussie dollar is at a reasonable rate at the moment, so thought I might redesign the cover of my 'Blurb' book (Walls of Europe) and reorder in hardback this time... the last copy I ordered was rather expensive due to poor dollar conversion and frightening postage costs!... let's hope things will be better this time... below are a couple of design variations I'm playing with at the moment ...

Also... here are two of the  'wall of walls' images that feature in the book...

Experiments 1...

Some experiments playing with a mixture of slow shutter speeds and deliberate 'camera drag' ...

Cactus in flower

Garden in November 1

October 21, 2009

Dead Digital Camera

After 6 years my Canon S60 has 'bitten the dust' as they say... looks like a case of detached retina to me.
People tell me that's about all you can expect from a digital camera these days... ah for the good old film days when cameras were relatively bulletproof (I have 20 to 40 year old film cameras still in perfect working order!) ... however I thought I'd put up a couple of images from the camera's dying moments... might still be a useful device in an abstract sense... a Digital Diana?

May 22, 2009

Brickendon Farm (Longford, Tasmania)

Brickendon is one of Tasmania's oldest working farms.


Brickendon Farm (Longford, Tasmania)

Bruny Island (Tasmania trip)

These images were taken on a terrific boat trip out from Bruny Island (great boats and entertaining crew) that toured around the south island and out into the southern ocean looking for whales and dolphins (unfortunately none on the day we travelled)... managed to observe sea eagles, seals and albino rock wallabies on the steep slopes of the island.

May 21, 2009

Lake Leake (Tasmania)

The rather bleak and depressing landscape of Lake Leake... probably considered a fisherman's paradise by some, but to my eyes, yet another example of severe lack of water and the effects of climate change... the water level is obviously vastly below the norm...